Top 5 Must Have Plugins for Bloggers

Blogging is an act that requires much more from us as a blogger and that’s why we should always try to give our best as a blogger. Over the last couple of days, I’ve been seeing some bloggers complaining about losing their website traffic to Google’s latest panda and penguin updates. Even, some of them complained that Google is bias while few of bloggers that I know were rejoicing over the effect. But overall, that update to me is worst of it all because I’ve lost some of my rankings as well. Even without doing some black hat stuffs, and a blogger friend of mine, Onibalusi of YoungPrePro do complained about a recent Google changes having errors.

But do we need to focus on saying the same thing everyone is talking about? Absolutely NO!

As a blogger, we need to be creative and focus on finding the best of ways to improve our blog rankings in order to avoid getting hit by any other updates in the future.

So, in this article I have some awesome plugins to share with you which could help your blog rankings a lot better and also help you to stay out of the recent panda and penguin effects.

Yoast SEO for WordPress

I’ve used many SEO plugins but Yoast is still the best of them all! Apart from helping you to fill your blog post with relevant keywords to rank for, the plugin also will give you keyword suggestions that you can rank your post for on Google immediately you insert the focus keyword into its keyword space, which is provided inside your post editing page. You can also use it to nofollow some portion of your wordpress blog; comment links, category pages and many more.


Akismet is a popular plugin that you can use to keep your blog clean at all times. If you want to maintain a clean and perfect blog, you should consider using akismet because it will help you avoid all of those spamming links that bots can post on your website in order to gain backlinks at all cost. Since the latest Google panda focuses on web spam, you must not allow spamming keywords to exist on your blog and that’s why this plugin is good for you.


If you want to give back to your blog commentators and allow them to come over and over again, the best plugin that let that happens is called CommentLuv WordPress plugin. It will allow you to add latest post on your commenter’s blog to all the posts that the fellow commented on in your blog. That will improve your link out rate and also, the engagement on your website. Like the top best plugins that I recently published on TAL, you can check it out for more information.


When it comes to sharing, sharebar plugin is the best for all wordpress blog because it has some awesome features that will help your blog get proper social media promotion in order to improve your website rankings. As we all know that the recent update was influenced by social media engagement, as bloggers, we need to increase our website’s social media engagements and that is where this plugin comes handy. Unlike other share plugins, it has features that will help you get more likes with its fixed screen scrolling effect – that means, when users scroll to the end of the page, the share buttons will as well scrolls to let the people share your post.


Jetpack is the latest plugin that was recently being integrated into the wordpress directory to help bloggers add as much features as possible to their respective blogs. With Jetpack, you can add up to ten different features to your WordPress blog without hassle. The plugin will make it easier for you to add popular plugin features such as Contact Form, Sharing, Subscription, Before The deadline, Shortcode and many more.

You just have to download and use it before you can feel its features better. However, you’d have to authenticate it with WordPress directly before it can work better for you website and another great function it has is that, all of your blog details will be stored on WordPress automatically in case you mistakenly disabled jetpack.

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