Top 10 Free Tools for Web Designers

Web designers are mostly known for their creativeness and odd thinking. Designing job isn’t that much easy as you think, it is tough to manage with innovative architecture, good layout structure, visible color designing, etc. Here, I dedicated an article with a list of top 10 free tools for web designers. Some of these tools are available online and some also does at offline too.


Picasa is a project by Google; it is used as easy and for quick photo sharing online. This application is also available to download to use it offline for the application of image viewer. Picasa photo tool is used as image sharing, image customizing and image viewer as well.


Irfanview is also such a similar application to Picasa, it is a freeware tool to customize images with lots of features. This application is also available for commercial purpose with license.

XN View

XNView is the yet another image tool, used to convert the image formats, enhanced image viewing tool. This application is open source and available at free of cost. This application is also available for all kind of smartphones.


GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Tool. It is an open source free software tool for photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It is also available in various languages and for various operating systems.


Flickr is the online photo sharing tool which also lets you to customize the image online and save it remotely. It also can be used remotely to reduce the bandwidth of your site. It is also considered as best photo management tool and sharing application.

Google Sketchup

SketchUp is another project by Google; it is used as 3D Communication software for Design and Engineering Professionals. To say simply, it is a drawing tool used to figure out the layout for web designers and multi-purpose for civil engineers and architects.

Microsoft Paint Tool

Most of all are familiar with this free and fantastic tool. Still I personally prefer and use Microsoft Paint tool to finish up some stuff of paint works on my design rather than doing it with Adobe Photoshop. This tool has an enhanced vision on the latest windows versions such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. This tool is already integrate with your Windows OS and it has basic features for designing works.


Photobucket is a free image hosting and photo sharing tool. It has two types of options to use. One is free service which is limited with some bandwidth and usage allocation but another paid service has unlimited usage.

Paint.Net tool is an application similar to Photoshop which is available at free of cost. It is free photo editing / designing tool for windows platform.


Imageshack is yet another online photo and video hosting tool. It gives extra privilege to their subscribers where does not for guest users.

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