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As a blogger, one must be familiar with the importance of a good and properly encoded WordPress theme.If the theme is not properly encoded the webmaster might face frequent obstacles with the assessment of plugins and a bad theme configuration might cause problems for your blog readers.

I am blogging since a last couple of years, previously i was using blogger further i moved on to WordPress as i was quite astonished by its flexibility of features.On the blogger platform i was never been satisfied with the looks of my blog, i was not able to find a good blogger template for my website.After moving on to, i was literally bouncing on the walls considering WordPress as the platform for my new blog, It was causing a stir.

At that precise compass of time, i was not able to afford an expensive WordPress theme.But, i aspire to have an outstanding full page WordPress theme for my personal blog.I started hunting for a mesmerizing and free WordPress theme for my blog, i have found many of themes with different theme providers.I have tried to install a couple of free themes on my blog initially, but nothing was working.

I was willing to have a theme which is truly responsive and mobile compatible along with an easy settings interface and fully mobilized elements.There was no such free theme packed with all of my desired attributes.One day I was browsing and got an amazing free theme titled HUEMAN. A sufficiently emphasized, responsive high-resolution journal & blog theme outwardly compromise..I found this theme with some unique qualities along with attributes of a paid theme.I was literally amazed at the first glance preview of this theme.

I installed it immediately on my WordPress blog and it doesn’t take me long enough to modify it accordingly due to its easy webmaster interface.After installing this theme, i didn’t yet felt about purchasing a new and paid theme.It is the best free WordPress theme i have found i recommend you to give a try.

HUEMAN comes up with the following features:

High-Resolution Theme:
It is a high-resolution theme with HD interface

Header And Footer Ads:
You can manually enter ad codes in the header and footer of the theme

You May Select Your Favourite Fonts:
You can choose from your self-hosted or favourite google fonts

Double And Single Sidebars:
There are frequent options for sidebars

Color Selection:
You are free to change the color of the elements manually applying your own creative approach

4 Footer Widgets Columns(Optional Selection 0-4):
You can place up to 4 footer widgets

Boxed+Responsive Layout:
You can make choice from boxed or responsive layout along with manual border settings

Manual Logo And Favicon:
You can upload your own custom logo and favicon image

Layout Adjustment:
You are free to adjust the layout of the theme subsequently

I am not the developer of this theme neither the contributor nor marketer.I just tend to share the word with all the other bloggers who are struggling with a free and good WordPress theme.

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