How To Write An Excellent Article On Your Blog?

Writing an article is very easy but writing a great article is equivalently difficult.If you are able to write some excellent articles literally you are owning an ace up your sleeves.You may earn a decent amount of money with this job.

There are numerous writing shots waiting for you over the world wide web.You can be a writer on HUBPAGES or ABOUT.COMfurthermore you may start your own blogging website where you can write your own upbringings about your interest topics and concern niches.Writing on the web is one of the most astonishing way to serve your own ideas and skills to the whole world.

Being an excellent blog writer requires some sort of special skill or proficiency.But it is not something which is beyond the wildest dream of a normal person.
Anyone can help himself to be an extraordinary blog writer with a little determination, presence of mind and practice.In this particular post at, I am going to assist you to prepare an outstanding article for your blog which is interesting, mesmerizing, hot off the press and SEO friendly.

Attributes Of An Excellent Article

I am listing a few focus points which you have to keep in mind while preparing an article for your blog.I urge you to bookmark this page and try to relate your article with the attributes and characteristics of an excellent article discussed below:

  • A Mesmerizing Title:

About 80% of the viewers click the title to read the whole article only if they observe the title quite handsome.The title of your article should work like a magnet for the viewer’s.The title must have a spark which attracts.Do not prescribe a boring and a commonly used title for your article.The title of your article must have a tendency to drag the viewers to your blog.Design your title in such a way where the viewer has no other option left rather than clicking on the title and read the full article.

  • Evaluated With Accurate Grammatical Clauses And Proper Vocabs:

An article should be clean as a whistle.At least it should be grammatically sound with a robust use of concern vocabulary.Do not make it challenging to read and understand, try to write it in a flat and smooth manner.

  •  Detailed And Loaded With Information:

An excellent article should be written in a comprehensive form.The Author should implement an educational appearance to the article.The main motto of writing the article should be dispersing the knowledge and information.Make your article as much detailed as you can, it will help you thoroughly in terms of SEO.

  •  Appropriate Use Of Visuals:

Try to stick some related HD images or videos in the mid of the paragraphs.But, be on the ball with the image arrangements.An article without images is boring to read.Your images should make some sense, do not attach irrelevant or low-quality images with your article.Don’t neglect to give a suitable caption to the image it will improve your SEO.

  • Unique Content:

If you are writing an article on “public speaking” on your blog, there might be hundreds of related articles have been previously written on the same subject.This is one of the several common issues one must have to face while writing articles.You have to make sure that your article is distinct and weightier in comparison with the other published articles on the same topic.

How To Write An Excellent Article On Your Blog

3 Things You Must Do Before Getting Started To Write A New Article

  1. Identify Your Targeted Readers:

    The very primary thing you should do before getting started with your article is to get familiar with your marked audience.The Author must know that who is going to read his article so that he could utilize the concern vocabulary accordingly.For instance, the target audience for a business-related article is the business people and the target audience for an article related to a new cosmetic product are the females of a specific age.If the author is not concern about the targeted readers the article will end up to be an abbreviated piece of nothing.

  2. Read:

    Before getting started with your article, you must have to read a lot about it.You have to go through an extensive research on the subject.You can not write on such a topic in which you are a newbie.You have to make yourself prepared by accumulating knowledge from the applicable sources.I recommend you to read at least 20 top quality concern articles and watch 5 informative videos since getting started with your new article.

  3. Get Expert Advice:

    If you are not able to deliver the best of your ability or if you got stabbed into a problem while writing due to the lack of knowledge on the subject you need an expert advice.Feel free to ask experts around there are a lot of people who are keen to help.I recommend you to contact Mr.Khuram Imtiaz through for some advance writing tips.

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