How To Pull Traffic To Your Blog From Facebook Page?

Generating traffic to a website or blog from a Facebook page is not a very complicated thing.

You can effortlessly send traffic from your Facebook page to your website even if you are possessing a very little promotional budget.

Promoting website or business on social media is a commonly considered channel of publicity and direct advertisements nowadays.

With the help of an affiliate Facebook page to your business or website, you would be able to reach millions of your targeted customers along with your business or services as Facebook had over 1.3 billion active users as of June 2014.

And the most astonishing point is the market of these billions of users is open for you.

Facebook is not going to be an obstacle in your track of promoting your business and services.Facebook encourages users to promote their websites and businesses on Facebook and they also provide some concern facilities.

Here, in this article i am going to list down a few elements which might help you to uproot a bulge of traffic from an affiliate facebook page to your website.


Whenever you post a link to your blog post on  Facebook automatically grabs a picture from the post to use it as a thumbnail picture habitually Facebook use your featured image as a thumbnail.

You must specify a good picture as a featured image with the help of WordPress SEO plugins for instance YOAST.Try to make featured image creative and mesmerizing you may use Photoshop, paint etc to give it a creative look.

Engaging Posts:

Organize informative and creative title for the posts while posting links to your blog posts on facebook.You may add some additional comments related to your post and let the users know about the attributes of your post which might attract the users to click the link and reach on your website directly via Facebook.Try to engage your audience using different tactics.Don’t let them feel bored with your page try out the following stuffs:

  • Post Some Funny Content.

  • Conduct Surveys And Polls.

  • Ask Feedbacks

Call To Action Button:

You can now stick a call to action button to your Facebook page.This button will enable the interested users to land on your website in a gentle way.Users will be able to reach your root website in just a single click with the help of a call to action button beside the like button on the cover.As you can observe a call to action button in the above picture, it is going to be replaced by your assigned call to action text it will reach the user to your website or app.


You can hire Facebook to promote your informative and most important posts.Facebook imposes a decent amount of charges to boost your post among targeted users.Facebook displays your post in the sidebars in an attractive way so that the users get mesmerized.

Along with displaying adverts Facebook also make sure that your posted content is reaching out to all the users who have already liked your page.

There are an assortments of ways to pull traffic from facebook page to your website.You just have to stay connected with the interested audience, keep them updated on the activities of your website or business and spend some dollars to promote significant posts.

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