How to Create the SEO Optimized Content for your website?

So, if you’re a business struggling to come up with ideas for website content, try the following:

  • Target additional keywords (found via Google’s Keyword and Analytics tools).
  • Write guides and tutorials on how to best use your products/services.
  • Explain and predict trends in your industry.
  • Debate why certain developments (past/present/future) in your industry are good/bad.
  • Answer questions that customers have asked you face-to face, by phone or by email.
  • Write detailed responses to questions people ask in relevant online forums.
  • Do a weekly/monthly round-up of the best relevant online content you’ve come across.
  • Compile a list of quotes from important people in your industry.
  • Create charts/graphs/infographics to explain how your products/services are being used.
  • Explain a common myth or misconception about your products/services/industry.
  • Give views and opinions on news articles (found via Google Alerts) related to your industry.
  • Interview your most interesting/important customers.
  • Roundup news, updates and responses to your previous content.
  • List resources (articles, videos, books, etc.) that people will find interesting and/or helpful.
  • Answer questions that people ask industry leaders on Twitter/Facebook/Google+.
  • List examples of good/bad practices in your industry.
  • Report on what happens at industry events.
  • Write detailed responses to content written by industry leaders.
  • Transcribe video content and/or make videos of written content.
  • Roundup references and reviews of your products/service made on other sites.
  • Reveal the results of a survey of people in your industry or customers
  • List honest reviews/testimonials of your products/services.
  • Write reviews of products/services that can be used in-conjunction with your own.
  • Provide in-depth replies to comments made in response to your existing content.
  • Respond to complaints about, or poor reviews of, your products/services.
  • Produce stats/charts/graphs to summarize industry trends.
  • Provide images/videos of your products/services in action.
  • Interview a respected person in your industry.
  • Write a summary of a relevant survey, study or whitepaper.
  • Create case studies revealing your customers’ successes.
  • Roundup the best content on a particular topic from the last month/year.
  • Create new and improved versions of content that competitors have on their sites.

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