How To Create A Website With Weebly And “WHY WEEBLY?” is a platform where your can create your own website for free in a very easy and affordable way.The concept of weebly and the platform was founded in 2007 individually by Sequoia Capital, Baseline Ventures, Ron Conway, and Y Combinator.Since 2007 weebly has improved alot in terms of their services and creativity as a result of which today 140 million unique visitors are going over 20 million weebly sites monthly.

Weebly gives us the opportunity to transform our idea into a website in a less complex manner then that of other platforms.The special thing i have experienced about weebly is we can design our website manually with out any pre installed php or html.We get freedom to edit our html/css or we can edit our site using weebly editor which works on a simple and easy drag and drop method.Weebly is providing world class free themes to their users and one can join weebly for free and can even create a blog or website for free with out any hosting service or a domain name registration it is optional for us that we want to go for the additional pro and paid plans or not.So just start with weebly and give your creative idea a creative website.Let us have a look on some highlighted features of weebly.

  • Simple drag and drop oriented editor for website
  •  Word class themes for websites and blogs
  • Editable html/css
  • Good search engine optimization
  • Invite your friends to create a website on weebly and earn money as commission
  • Daily analytics and website report
  • Own domain ragistration
  • No hosting services requiredDesigner platform where you could maintain an alternate website for your staff
  • A great support and assist from support team

 How to create a website on weebly?

Creating a website on weebly is not something i should explain you about because this is the most easiest way of creating a website i had found so far.Just follow three simple steps:-

1.Create an account on weebly,choose a name for your website

2.Go to website editor,you will automatically get known about the contents of editors panel as you spend a few minutes there.

3.Publish your website live.

 FAQ’s about weebly

Query 1: I don’t know about editing html/css as i am about to create my first website and i am new in this concern.So,will weebly work for me?

 Yes,of course editing html/css is just an option and a feature that weebly provides.You can simply create your website with drag and drop oriented weebly editor.

Query 2 : If i  want to keep using my free weebly website plan,is there any hindcrane about limits ?

 No,you can continue with you free website they will never bother you about that but if you spend some money you might get extra features like sliding header images and customizable footer etc

Query 3:Does weebly website works in terms of seo ?

 Yes.Weebly websites have got good ranks in search engine optimization especially in google alternatively it depends on the content of your website you will never face any seo problem from weebly’s end.

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