Difference Between Smartphones and Tablets

Something of a war has opened up between smartphones and tablets, with the manufacturers of these devices competing to produce the ultimate mobile device – and much of the war is being fought on the gaming battlefield. Whether it is online casino games like themed slots, blackjack and poker, or the popular action and role playing games (RPGs), gaming is a big part of why mobile devices have become such big business. So are you better off playing games on a smartphone or a tablet these days?

Well you could argue that there are pluses and minuses with both devices, when it comes to gaming on sites. Certainly in terms of screen display, a tablet will offer you a significantly larger screen than a Smartphone would – the impact of which should not be underestimated on an activity as inherently visual as gaming. For example, the Google Nexus 4 smartphone has a 4.7 inch screen, compared with 7 inches for Nexus 7 tablet, and with the likes of poker and other casino games, this latter size of screen provides a better fit for the detailed graphics and live dealer feed. The greater amount of visual detail provided in games like RPGs these days is also better suited to a tablet screen.

When it comes to memory, which is better can depend on the model you choose, as the Nexus 7 boasts equal RAM with the equivalent Smartphone (2GB for both), but twice as much internal storage (32GB compared to 16). However one area where smartphones do definitely have the edge is in convenience and portability. The average Smartphone is around 5 inches – which is easier to carry around with you than a tablet. This makes it particularly suitable for the sort of fast games (like slot machines) that people play when they are on the go, suggesting that smartphones are better suited to quick fire games like this, but less so for more complex strategy and RPG games.

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