Best Google Adsense Alternative!

As we all know about google AdSense it is the best CPC and CPM advertising network among thousands of other ad networks

and pay a good amount of money for each impression and ad clicks in comparison with the other ones.

It is a dream for all the new webmasters to get approved by AdSense but it is not a easy task.Google AdSense policies are rigid and they are a litttle bit strickt if it comes to approve a website.A lot of websites get rejected daily from google AdSense due to lack of match up in google AdSense requirements and website contents or there might me some other reason its hard to figure out one exact reason that why google AdSense is not approving your website.In this situation don’t get disappointed at all work hard with your website and make it capable enough to get approved by AdSense in the mean time you can use other google AdSense alternative one of the best google AdSense alternative is chitika adnetwork I strongly recommend chitika ad network for those who are finding the best alternative for google AdSense.Due to the following reasons:-

No delay and conditions in approvals you can start advertising for chitika as soon as you submit the application form.
You will get paid per each thousand impressions and the value of your thousand impressions will be decided through the user clicks on public ads.
Very creative apps for ads like links ads and hover ads which will increase your revenue upto 15% or more.
Once you start earning 2$ per thousand impression you will be suggested to yahoo as a golden chitika ad publisher which will result in direct display of ads from yahoo on your website and good revenue of course.
Less amount of threshold 10$ for paypal and 25$ for cheque payments.
No delay in payments
Referral programs
Allowance to customize ads and creative banner sizes
Fair count of impressions
A great support team for daily assistance
And much more

Disclosure-however i will get a certain amount of commission if you start publishing for chitika on my reference but i assure you as far as my knowledge is concern i have found chitika as the best alternative for adsense

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