4 Social Media Marketing Tools for Project Managers

It’s no secret that marketing is quite the challenge. Deciding who to target, how to reach them, and what to say are just a couple of the big questions that must be asked when creating a plan to market a product or service.

Though social media is an easy way to get recognition and feedback fast, these challenges are still very real. Social media also presents its own unique challenges, such as how to pack the most powerful message with only a few words.

As social media can be overwhelming to manage, especially if you use multiple social networks, having tools can be a lifesaver. Project managers will especially find some of these tools helpful for keeping up with social media throughout the work day.


This handy tool connects with multiple leading social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, Myspace, and more. The dashboard allows users to see all of these networks in one convenient spot as well as posting content to multiple sites in one easy step. HootSuite is also available via iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Keitai apps to enable project managers on the go to stay connected.

Direct Message Lab

Using demographics and categories, Direct Message Lab helps users identify key social media locations and target users appropriately. The user then creates content that can easily be delivered to all of these social media outlets.

This tool constantly collects data, helping businesses and project managers know whether their current social media marketing tactics are working or not.

Wildfire by Google

Social media engagement is one of the key focuses of Wildfire. Through their social media marketing suite, users have access to a variety of apps and tools that help them be the most successful in marketing pursuits. Wildfire provides messaging, real-time analytics, desktop management, mobile access, social promotion and advertising access all in one place.


Awareness seeks to help users acquire customers through social networking. Profiles help project managers connect with their audience, target prospecting helps discover customers, and social scoring helps build segmentation logic to achieve prospects and connections.

Social media is a good way to stay on top of what people are looking for in certain products, find out their feelings on what your company is producing, and be in constant pursuit of new people to add to the following of your product. Awareness helps with this through tools including the Facebook campaign manager, which helps users develop promotionals that will truly help grow their following.

Many feel that social media can be a dangerous place for companies to get involved because there will undoubtedly be negative feedback on some level at one point or another. While this seems logical, it\’s better to have a social media presence and be able to connect with your clients when problems arise. People are impressed by quick responses, speedy resolutions and your desire to truly help them. If negative social media issues arise, reaching a speedy and helpful resolution can turn into a positive review for your company. It\’s time to take advantage of these handy tools and start representing your company while providing valuable customer service, reaching a new audience and establishing your brand through social networking.

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